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Daystate Wolverine R HiLite 6.35 mm air rifle

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Product code: DAY076
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Daystate Wolverine R HiLite 6.35 mm air rifle
Daystate Wolverine…
2 370.91 €

Product description

The Daystate Wolverine air rifle was introduced in 2012, first with the 7.62 mm calibre, and later with the more usual 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.35 mm calibres. In 2017, the new Wolverine2 B and Wolverine2 C models were introduced in Las Vegas at Shot Show. In 2018, an innovated Wolverine R model was introduced by Daystate, now equipped with a regulator of the renowned Huma producer.

The Wolverine R model is further improved through the application of Pulsar model valve, which optimises the air flow, providing a higher number of shots. The original bolt was replaced with a brand new Pulsar model, including the reloading lever. The rifle reloading is done using a side lever action. The lever action can be easily removed to the other side of the rifle, making it easy to rework for left-handers.

The Wolverine R model is shorter than the Wolverine model, with the rifle’s centre of gravity being shifted slightly more backwards, making the rifle better balanced. There is also an adjustable Pulsar model butt plate. Furthermore, the air rifle is equipped with the Huma regulator, along with two manometers, one showing the pressure in the cartridge, the other showing regulator pressure.

The brand new type of Lothar Walther choice barrel, first used by Daystate with Pulsar and Renegade models, is a must. The “shrouded” type barrel (i.e. covered with outer layer serving as a sound moderator), is 43 cm long. The barrel is finished with ½ UNF male thread, enabling further moderator mounting.  While presenting the rifle, Tony Belas (Daystate) jokingly remarked that one pays more for an eastern produced rifle than for a Lothar Walther barrel used with Daystate rifles J

The Daystate Wolverine R HiLite 6.35 mm air rifle has a walnut TH-type stock with a thumbhole. The Kevlar cartridge has a 480 cm3 capacity. It is filled using a quick fill connector, included in the package. The cartridge can be filled up to the 230 BAR pressure. With the 4.5 mm calibre, one filling is enough for about 450 shots, and for about 500 shots with the 5.5 mm calibre. The rifle is 96.5 cm long and weighs 3.5 kg.

Mounting rail has 11 mm for the riflescope mounting, 10 shots magazine, manual safety etc.

With the choice Lothar Walther barrel, and with Huma regulator ensuring the individual shot consistency, the air rifle is flawlessly accurate. Daystate, inventor of PCP air rifles and for over 40 years the pioneer of this technology, once again surpasses all other producers.

For Daystate air rifles, we recommend Optisan, Discovery or Sightron, BKL scope mount and JSB Match Diabolo pellets for the ammo.

The package includes:                                

- Daystate Wolverine R HiLite 6.35 mm calibre air rifle

- 1 magazine

- Quickfill connector

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Model Wolverine R HiLite FAC
Drive PCP
Calibre 6,35 mm
Ammunition Diabolky
Reloading páčkou - Side Lever Action
Length 965 mm
Barrel length 430 mm
Energy 47 J
Weight 3500 g
Magazine capacity 10 ran
Manometr Ano
Iron sights No
Mounting rail 11 mm
Cartridge volume 480 cm3
Gunstock TH
Gunstock material Ořech
Maximum filling pressure 230 BAR
Safety Ano
Quickfill ano
Regulator Ano
Weapon category D
Barrel producer Lothar Walther

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