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Daystate Delta Wolf Tactical 5.5 mm air rifle

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Product code: DAY090
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Daystate Delta Wolf Tactical 5.5 mm air rifle
Daystate Delta Wolf…
3 365.67 €

Product description

Daystate Delta Wolf Tactical 5.5 mm

Daystate Delta Wolf air rifle, stylish and technologically ahead of competitors. This PCP air rifle is the first model-line of the Daystate which embraced the tactical design widely embraced in the world of PCP air rifles and shooters of all disciplines as of late. However, Delta Wolf is the weapon of tomorrow available today. Daystate Delta Wolf is the first “intelligent” air rifle, which can automatically adjust to its shooter’s needs.

Deriving from the two decades of expert knowledge in electronics, the Daystate moved forward and pushed the whole concept of electronically run pre-charged (PCP) air rifles to a new level. In its electronical core, the Delta Wolf contains Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) controlled by a touchscreen, which allows for choosing the pre-set calibre-specific levels of output. An integrated chronograph is connected to the on-board electronic core. It can correct any potential deviation. A Bluetooth module allows the Delta Wolf to connect in the future to other accessories and apps.

The integration of the chronograph, which runs the AVT system, further enables the users to adjust the Delta Wolf according to their specific needs and ammo type. Users can also adjust the pressure in the Huma-Air regulator and employ the advantages of the plenum chamber with 34 cm3 volume to reach specific speed rates. The new fast flow valve system also increases the effectiveness and the number of shots with the removable carbon bottle of 480 cm3 in volume.

A newly developed magazine system with a larger capacity from 8 – 13 shots can be reloaded with a smooth pull of the side lever action, which can additionally be switched to the other side of the gun within a minute. Delta Wolf is ambidextrous, and its configuration allows for instalment and usage of two magazines at the same time, which effectively doubles the number of shots.

Besides the advantages coming from technological progress, the Delta Wolf also has a fully modular tactical stock design. The rifle has 3.3 kg in weight, 600 mm long barrel and 842 mm (34”) in length overall. It can be supplied in black or bronze colour, and it is equipped with an AR-style safety (at both sides) and pistol grip.

There are three smaller Picatinny rails placed under the cartridge and at the sides of the barrel. The upper long rail, which is intended for mounting of an optical device, has 20 mm in diameter and can be shifted 150 mm further so it can adjust to the riflescopes with zero focal plane, such as MTC optics SWAT Prismatic. Conversely, the same goes for riflescopes with large lenses and/or for optics with great magnification. Furthermore, cheek piece and buttplate, which are compatible with the line of exclusive optional accessories developed by the PGS (Precision Rifle Services) company in order to achieve the perfect focusing.

Delta Wolf can be supplied with barrel of 430 or 600 mm in length, ART. The carbon barrel cover with 30 mm in diameter significantly moderates the sound of a shot, and with the addition of 0 dB moderator, the rifle is almost completely silent.

The installed chronograph displays muzzle velocity, which enables the shooter to ensure the precision of the shot. With every version, each part was carefully designed so it can optimise the precision and effectiveness of the rifle. The Delta Wolf sets a new standard for others to follow.

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Model Delta Wolf FAC
Drive PCP
Calibre 6,35 mm, 5,5 mm, 7,62 mm
Ammunition Diabolky
Reloading páčkou - Side Lever Action
Length 842 mm
Barrel length 600 mm
Energy 130 J, 83 J, 91 J
Weight 3300 g
Magazine capacity 8 ran, 10 ran, 11 ran
Manometr Ano
Iron sights No
Mounting rail Picatinny (weaver)
Cartridge volume 480 cm3
Gunstock Tactical
Gunstock material Dural
Maximum filling pressure 240 BAR
Quickfill Ano
Regulator Ano
Weapon category C-I, D
Barrel producer Lothar Walther
Na ZP no

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