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One-piece high-sized BKL 260D7, 11 mm, 1 inch in diameter

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Product code: BKL-260D7
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
One-piece high-sized BKL 260D7, 11 mm, 1 inch in diameter
One-piece high…
78.50 €

Product description

The one-piece high-sized BKL 260D7 mount intended for 11-mm rail, with ring diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm) and tilt angle of 0.007", which corresponds to 24 MOA for 100 yards. The height of the rail up to the rim of the ring is 24.74 mm, the length of the mount is 101 mm, the width of the ring is 15 mm, and the weight is 144 g.

The American BKL Technologies producer started to produce its mounts in 1998. Today, the BKL-produced mounts belong to the top world-class, and they are sought by sports shooters, who keep contributing to their refining. The main advantage of the BKL mounts is their design-guaranteed coaxiality. When being tightened, both sides of the tightening mechanism are pressed together at the same time. The mount is always fixed in the centre of the rail along with the optics of the gun. One other undeniable advantage is the tight fixing of the mount, its low weight and flawless, well-devised design.

With the BKL mounts, suitable even for guns with strong recoil, the problems with the riflescope adjusting are a matter of the past. Most of the world producers in gun industry (Anschutz Beeman, Benjamin, BSA, CZ, Crosman, Daystate, Diana, Gamo, Marlin, Remington, Savage, Suhl and Webley) strongly recommend BKL mounts for their guns.

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Mount height 24.7 mm
Mount type jednodílná
Mount material dural
Mounting rail 11 mm
Tube diameter 1" (25,4mm)

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