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Scope-Phone Adapter for 38-48mm Riflescopes

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60.24 € 49.78 € without VAT
Product code: DSC022
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Scope-Phone Adapter for 38-48mm Riflescopes
Scope-Phone Adapter…
60.24 €

Product description

This scope-phone adapter is intended for riflescope with eyepiece of 38 to 48 mm in diameter. With this adapter, you can record and share your shooting and hunting experiences. The adapter is of a high quality, a light addition for your hunting and sports “adventure”. After the mounting, the adapter behaves like an inseparable part of your weapon, with no obstruction to regular movement. The adapter can be used also for the strongest calibres, and it was tested with rifles up to .50 BMG calibres.

The adapter is easy and quick to assemble. Mounting the adapter on the riflescope and focusing can be done in a moment, same as the demounting. The rest is up to you. Videos and photos can be very easily made directly through the riflescope. The quality of photos and videos is understandably depends on the quality of your optics and cell phone. We supply both the adapter for riflescope and the plate for cell phone fitting.

The Discovery Optics is a young brand, originating in 2009. Originally, the company was dealing in the development of optical devices, telescopes, rangefinders, sights and cell phone optics. Later on, the producer managed to gather a few of important constructers from renowned collimator producers, after which the company started to produce high quality riflescopes for much more acceptable price, compared to the competitors. Thanks to their offer of flawless design, quality lenses and acceptably priced mechanics, Discovery quickly found a way to the clients all around the world

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