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MTC Viper Connect SL 3-12x24 SCB Riflescope

Skladem 10 pcs
395.02 € 326.46 € without VAT
Product code: MTC004
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
MTC Viper Connect SL 3-12x24 SCB Riflescope
MTC Viper Connect…
395.02 €

Product description

Despite its very small size (almost collimator-like), the intriguingly designed MTC Viper Connect riflescope offers an incredible optic performance with wide field of vision. Thanks to its small eye relief (30 mm), the riflescope with 10x magnifications offers a visual field twice the size of its competitors’, with the small entrance lens ensuring low error of parallax. Thanks to these properties, the riflescope is directly intended for HFT (Hunter Field Target – shooting at metal targets) contest. Soon, the riflescope became very popular with HFT sport shooters. For HFT contests, it is important for the riflescope to have circa 10x magnification with the lowest error of parallax possible, since the riflescope adjusting is not allowed during the contest and the parallax can be used for measuring the target distance.

All Viper Connect line riflescopes have one-piece tube made of hardened Duralumin with 30 mm in diameter, sharp vision, clearly visible backlighted SCB2 or AMD cross, parallax regulation at the side, lens diameter of 32 or 24 mm and 3-12x magnification. The adjustment graduation step is ¼ MOA and the height and side correction range is the incredible 120 MOA. The riflescope parallax is adjustable within range from 10 yards (9.144 m) up to infinity.

The riflescope cross is the new improved SCB2 placed in the second focal plane (in front of the eyepiece), which means the apparent reticle distance stays constant with magnification change. The SCB2 reticle is similar in principle to the Mil-Dot reticle, the difference being that the SCB2 uses dots for segmenting the cross, with the main segments being divided in half with smaller dots. The SCB2 reticle is very well-made: it is sufficiently thin, yet not to the point of vanishing. The cross has a red backlight with 11-steps backlight regulation option. The backlight colour and intensity option is placed in the single button placed, much non-standardly, at the front part of the tube between the turrets for adjustment graduation and zooming, which means there is not much space for possible mounting. This can be solved with two mounting rings at the front part of the riflescope. Thanks to the low weight and compact size of the riflescope, using one mounting ring at the front or using BKL-produced double mountings is not a problem. If need be, the MTC producer can supply the mountings directly intended for Connect models. Special mountings for Viper Connect can be found here.

All the riflescope lenses have a multi-coated anti-reflective layer. The riflescope is filled with nitrogen to prevent lens haze, it is frost-proof, waterproof and contains lens cover and a special rubber eyeguard.

The MTC Viper Connect riflescope is suitable just as for plinking as for hunting and HFT standard shooting. Due to its short eye relief, the riflescope is not suitable for shooting with guns that have strong recoil, since the riflescope could come into contact with the eye.

The MTC Viper Connect riflescopes are not made in collaboration with Optisan. MTC riflescopes – designed by shooters for shooters! We are the direct importers of MTC riflescopes and we guarantee their warranty and post-warranty service.

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Model Viper Connect 3-12x24 SCB
Magnification 3-12x
Focal plane Druhá
Reticle type SCB2
Reticle backlight Ano
ED Glass no
Field of vision 60,9 - 17,1 ft/100yds
Antireflective layer MC
Length 290 mm
Dioptric correction -2 až +2
Weight 600 g
Turrets Lovecké
Click value 1/4 MOA
Eye relief 30mm
Parallax 10y až nekonečno
Nitrogen filling yes
Lens diameter 24 mm
Tube diameter 30 mm
Height correction span 120MOA
Side correction span 120MOA

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