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Ataman M2 Carbine Ergonomic Laminated 4,5mm air rifle

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Warranty: 24 months
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Ataman M2 Carbine…
1 616.32 €

Product description

The Ataman M2 Carbine Ergonomic 4.5 mm PCP air rifle has a regulator, 12-shots magazine and a free-floating Lothar Walther barrel (520 mm in length). A Weaver-type mounting rail for riflescope mounting, fully adjustable trigger and a laminated TH stock with a thumbhole are included. The cartridge, with a manometer at the front, has 250 cm3 in volume and it is filled using the Quickfill with pressure up to 300 BAR. The safety is manual. Overall length of the gun is 110 cm, the weight is 4 kg. The air rifle has no classical sights.

The package includes one magazine and two filling probes, one with 1/8BSP thread and one with a male thread for quick coupler attaching.

The Russian-made Ataman air rifles are renowned for their excellent quality, extraordinary precision and top-class technology. Their superb craftsmanship and perfection are clearly visible in every detail of the rifle, from the Lothar Walther barrel to the adjustable trigger.

Ataman M2 Carbine Ergonomic 4.5 mm, laminate TH stock with thumbhole. This version of the air rifle is available custom-made only, and it can be custom-made with three different colour schemes:

number 2 variant – yellow-red scheme

number 4 variant – green-brown scheme

number 13 variant – gray-brown scheme

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Arms Air rifles PCP air rifles

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Model M2 Carbine Ergonomic Laminated 4,5mm
Drive PCP
Calibre 4,5 mm
Ammunition Diabolky
Reloading páčkou - Side Lever Action
Output 30 J
Length 1100 mm
Barrel length 520 mm
Energy 30 J
Weight 4000 g
Magazine capacity 12 ran
Manometr Ano
Iron sights No
Mounting rail Picatinny (weaver)
Cartridge volume 250 cm3
Gunstock TH
Gunstock material Laminát
Maximum filling pressure 300 BAR
Quickfill Ano
Regulator Ano
Weapon category D

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