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Crosman CenterPoint Multi-TAC Quick Collimator Sight

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84.58 € 69.90 € without VAT
Product code: CRO112
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Crosman CenterPoint Multi-TAC Quick Collimator Sight
Crosman CenterPoint…
84.58 €

Product description

The Crosman CenterPoint Multi-TAC Quick collimator sight has an option of switching between 4 reticles. The backlight intensity can be adjusted in 11 steps. The one-piece tube with 30 mm in diameter and a black surface working is made of high quality aluminium. The collimator sight is waterproof, impact-proof and filled with nitrogen to prevent lens haze. Covers and 22 mm mount is included in the package.

 Collimator sight is an optical device which replaces classical gun sights and facilitates aiming, mainly by fixing the problem with alternating focusing on the sights and on the target. This is a great advantage for the precise and fast targeting, even in the dark, making the collimator sights ever more widely used. The collimator sights are partly similar to riflescopes, the difference being that they have light source (red/green diode), which emits a beam of light against the lens with anti-reflective design. The collimator sight is different from riflescopes, which are made for looking with one eye only, which means the plastic perception of the light point is lost.

The collimator sight, on the other hand can’t be looked into the same way as with riflescope (with one eye closed), otherwise its advantage – the beautifully plastic surroundings perception, unobstructed by the collimator at all – would be lost. You simply look with both eyes, one looking through the collimator sight, observing the surroundings completely naturally, but with the light point “in the infinite distance”, determining the place of your shot impact.

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Model CenterPoint Multi-TAC Quick
Reticle backlight Ano
Antireflective layer MC
Length 150 mm
Weight 184 g
Lens diameter 30 mm

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