Zimmerman trial may end today


George Zimmerman, who is being accused of “hatefully gunning down” an African-American “child” isn’t guilty of anything “except protecting his own life.” That’s what his attorney said in closing arguments this morning.

Zimmerman is being charged with murder for deploying his lawfully carried firearm when he said Travon Martin charged him, pinned him to the ground, and slammed his head into the concrete sidewalk.

The other side says Zimmerman, a Hispanic-Caucasian, was racially profiling while on Neighborhood Watch patrol in his community, following a string of crimes in the area.

“How many ‘coulda beens’ have you heard from the state in this case,” attorney Mark O’Mara asked. “How many ‘what ifs’ have you heard from the state in this case? (…) Do not give anybody the benefit of the doubt except for George Zimmerman.”

The defense may very well rest later today, at which point it will be turned over to the jury for deliberation. Their verdict may come within a few minutes, or may stretch out for several more days.

In any case, people are preparing for “race riots” across the country. Police on one side, and minority “activists” on the other. One particular group, the New Black Panthers, are on the record stating that they’re not going to burn down their own houses and their own stores, instead they’re going to go into the neighborhoods where “Whitey” lives and carry out their mayhem there.

Whether you’re Black, Hispanic, white, Native American, Asian, or any other race, color, or creed, are you ready to protect yourself and your family if they bring violence and destruction to your neighborhood?

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