Woman in her 50's thwarts attempted rape using .22 pistol

person curatorfolder_openGood guys with gunsaccess_time September 18, 2011

A woman in her early 50s was getting out of the shower when the bathroom lights suddenly went out.

An intruder collided into her in the dark, causing her to fall backward into the shower and injure her back. She fought the man, but he put a knife to her throat.

“She was telling him that she has money and please don’t hurt her,” said Police 
Cpl. Edwin Ritter, adding that the attack was an attempted sexual assault.

The intruder forced the woman into her bedroom, but that’s exactly where she kept her .22-cal. pistol.

She broke free, retrieved the gun and shot her would-be rapist several times.

He ran outside, collapsed and died. “Thank God she’s okay and she had a weapon to protect herself with,” said a neighbor. “She’s a nice lady, just a sweet lady.”

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta, GA, 05/12/11

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