What's with the ads?

person curatorfolder_openAnnouncementsaccess_time June 16, 2013

By now you have probably noticed a small ad running at the bottom of the Good Guys with Guns and GunDudes Podcast apps.

No, we’re not trying to get more money from you, you already bought the app and we’re not trying to make more money from it (and you). We’re not that kind of people.

We are, however, working on a MAJOR overhaul of both apps, and instead of paying for another year of maintenance on current apps, we decided to invested that into trying to get the new apps out sooner. We missed the deadline and the ads started rolling.

Please accept our forgiveness. We still think the new apps are going to be worth the wait, and they’ll come to everyone who’s already bought the app at no additional charge.

Since we’re doing this for you, we want to as, are you okay waiting with the current app (and the small ads on the bottom) until we get the new apps delivered to you, or would you rather wait longer for the new apps but get rid of the small ads now?

If you’ve got an opinion, one way or the other, please contact us!

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