Tell Utah's Gov. Herbert to Support HB 76: Constitutional Carry "Lite"

Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Utah recently passed HB 76, which I call “Constitutional Carry Lite” out of the House and the Senate. It now goes to the Governor for his signature. Unfortunately, Governor Herbert has hinted that he would veto such legislation were it to come across his desk.

I just sent the following email to Utah’s Governor Herbert. You’re welcome to send a similar email, or contact his Office by telephone using any of the information below that you would like:

HB 76 is a good first step towards achieving “Constitutional Carry” or permit-less carry. Constitutional Carry would allow law-abiding citizens to conceal carry without a permit. Constitutional Carry would however retain Utah’s concealed carry permit system for those who want to have a permit to carry in other states.

Constitutional carry is not some crazy idea filled with unknown danger and promoting random gunfire. Vermont has had this forever, Alaska for 10 years, Arizona for 3 years and Wyoming for 2 years with ZERO problems. And, other states are considering adopting it too.

Despite media reports HB 76 is not true Constitutional Carry but it is the best that we could get passed this year. To understand what HB 76 does one needs to understand current Utah law on carrying without a permit.

Currently Utah law allows the open carrying of firearms without a permit if the gun is unloaded. Utah statute defines a gun as unloaded if a round is not in the firing position and it requires two actions to fire the gun. On a semi-automatic firearm that would mean there is no round in the chamber and firing would require racking the slide and pulling the trigger. On a revolver it would mean that cartridges in the cylinder chambers are aligned so that the empty chambers’ alignment require the trigger to be pulled twice to fire.

HB 76 would simply allow someone who is carrying an “unloaded” gun to conceal it.

Please consider the following:

-This bill is not a drastic change in current law. It simply allows someone already legally carrying an unloaded gun to cover it up.

-It will still be illegal for felons and prohibited persons to possess or carry any firearm at all. Persons legally carrying a concealed firearm under this bill will be unable to carry in schools (but those with concealed carry permits will still be allowed).

-This bill will not eliminate Utah’s concealed carry permit system.

-The bill only applies to persons 21 years of age or older.

Hypothetical scare stories should be ignored as several other states have even less restrictive laws and a proven history that Constitutional Carry doe not create any added problems. And, bad guys carry regardless of any laws, so this is only about restricting law abiding citizens.

Please sign HB 76 – Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments and allow law abiding citizens more choice in legal self-defense options.

I await your reply with your intended course of action.

– Joe Levi
Precinct Chair SY08

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