IHC, Bountiful, Utah

IHC, Bountiful, Utah

IHC in Bountiful is today’s winner. They have officially put bad people in notice that they are a soft target. As you can see in this photo, no weapons allowed. Thanks IHC for not caring for our rights or safety. Submitted by Cory Green

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Utah Governor Herbert Vetoes Constitutional Carry

Utah’s Governor, Gary Herbert, just vetoed HB76S1 – Constitutional Carry. “The right to bear arms … is a fundamental right which must be jealously protected,” wrote the Governor in a letter to House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart and Senate President Wayne Niederhauser. “HB 76S1 does not, however, impose a restriction on the right to bear arms. Rather, it […]

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Attacker stabs people at Utah grocery store, Man with his concealed carry permit draws, orders the attacker to the ground

A man entered Smith’s Marketplace one afternoon and purchased a knife. Police say the man then used the knife as a weapon and attacked several people. One victim was stabbed in the abdomen while another was stabbed in the head and arms. All the while, the knife-wielding assailant had been yelling at his victims that […]