Thoughts on “Open-Carry”

“Open Carry” (often referred to as “Constitutional Carry”) is a term used to describe the unconcealed carrying of a firearm (the operative word being “unconcealed”). This is what most on-duty police officers and armed military personnel do, but in this context it typically refers to civilians (or citizens). Open-Carry differs from Concealed-Carry in that the […]

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Action Alert from the Utah Sports Shooting Council

If you’re in Utah… H.B. 129 Constitutional Carry Please contact the House Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee members regarding Utah H.B. 129 “Constitutional Carry”. COMMITTEE MEETS AT 8:00 AM TUESDAY H.B. 129 FIREARMS LAW MODIFICATIONS (Constitutional Carry) is stuck in Committee. Please contact all committee members and ask that they pass this bill with […]