Do you carry a flashlight?

Generally speaking, 1/4 of the “day” is night (no-light), 1/4 is morning (low-light), 1/4 is evening (also low-light). Only 1/4 of your life will be spent in “good-light” conditions… and most of that is probably spent indoors, where a tripped breaker, cut power line, or natural disaster could turn your world dark. While it’s true […]

Choosing the best weapon for personal defense

I’ve seen the question asked many, many times before: What weapon should I carry to defend myself and my family? Perhaps that’s jumping ahead a bit. Who’s responsible to protecting yourself and your family, the police, the government, the National Guard? Who’s job is it to provide for the protection of you and your family? […]

Lagoon Amusement Park

Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah has long been a staple of summertime fun for residents of Utah and the surrounding states. Lagoon’s “Code of Conduct” and “Guest Rules” prohibit weapons (specifically “Firearms, knives, and other weapons as determined by Lagoon”) while at the park. Ironically, kissing your sweetheart is also prohibited. Who to contact […]