home invader

Intruder picks the wrong house to break into, held at gunpoint by 88-year-old homeowner

A local 31-year-old man may have thought breaking into a senior citizen’s home early Saturday would be easy pickings. But that was before he met the 88-year-old woman who owns the residence. Sgt. Brice Woolly, Ardmore Police Department Patrol Division, said dispatchers received a call about 4:35 a.m. “The call was from an alarm company. […]

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Zimmerman trial may end today

George Zimmerman, who is being accused of “hatefully gunning down” an African-American “child” isn’t guilty of anything “except protecting his own life.” That’s what his attorney said in closing arguments this morning. Zimmerman is being charged with murder for deploying his lawfully carried firearm when he said Travon Martin charged him, pinned him to the […]

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