White House Takes Anti-Gun Fight to Social Networks with #NowIsTheTime Hashtag


The White House is taking their anti-gun agenda to the social networking sites to try and sway public opinion to further infringing upon your Constitutional Rights.


To do so they’re asking people to post a message using the hashtag “#NowIsTheTime“.

We need to respond in kind with messages from our perspective, too. Here are some that we’ve seen:

  • #NowIsTheTime to realize that more children are killed in car crashes every ear than are killed by criminals using guns.
  • #NowIsTheTime to understand that more violent crimes are committed with hammers every year than with guns.
  • #NowIsTheTime to get understand that “Gun Violence Research” is politically motivated. Violence doesn’t need a gun.
  • #NowIsTheTime to realize that the President’s kids are protected by armed guards while they are at school. Are yours?
  • #NowIsTheTime to realize that a background check wouldn’t have prevented Sandy Hill.
  • #NowIsTheTime for parents to protect their kids by lawfully carrying guns while picking them up from school!
  • #NowIsTheTime to get rid of “Gun Free Zones”. They give criminals a free reign of terror over their unarmed victims.
  • #NowIsTheTime to join the NRA!

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