No warrants. No due process. No just cause. No rights. No freedom.

At Sitting Duck Policy we talk a lot about guns: gun accessories, gun tips, gun gear, and gun news. But guns are only one piece of a much bigger puzzle, so forgive me while I stray from the usual gun-related topics and talk a little about our Freedoms — or what’s left of them.

Normally we talk about the policies of individual companies and organizations that turn their employees and customers into sitting ducks… today we need to talk about a bigger “policy” that could impact the entire nation.

Government sanctioned kidnapping

Some time ago the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed. In it was included a provision that allowed for the indefinite detention of American Citizens — government sanctioned kidnapping. Doing so required only “suspicion” of being “affiliated” with a “terrorist”. I put each word in quotation marks because they’re either not defined, or are so vague that if some Agent of some Agency in our government thought you MIGHT have (“suspicion”) read this post that you are in some way “affiliated” with our site, and that our site “speaks against the government” in some way (like being critical of a policy or ill-crafted law), and “calls you to action” to write letters, make phone calls, and tell others, we could be considered “terrorists”. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Therefore, under the NDAA that agent could literally break into your house, take you at gunpoint, transport you to a “secure facility”, and keep you there — forever. No charges need to have been filed. No arrest need to have been made. You can be denied a hearing. You can be denied a trial. You’re just gone. It could never happen, not in America, right?

That’s what a Federal Judge said when he ruled the “kidnapping” provisions of the NDAA Unconstitutional. The Obama Administration appealed. The appellate court reversed the ruling of the lower court, essentially saying that it IS Constitutional for the Government to kidnap Americans on American soil for “suspicion” of “affiliation” — and lock them away forever without so much as a hearing.

How would the Government know?

You might think that if you keep your head down and down upset the apple cart that you’ll fly under the radar of Big Brother. You’d be wrong. The House just voted to renew the “enhanced” FISA act for another 5 years (through 2017). The Senate has yet to take it up. FISA started out as a good idea, but the “enhancements” allow the

“The government does not have to identify the target or facility to be monitored. It can begin surveillance a week before making the request, and the surveillance can continue during the appeals process if, in a rare case, the secret FISA court rejects the surveillance application. The court’s rulings are not public.” Wired

No warrants? Really? How long does it take to convince a judge that a warrant is needed? Judges are busy people, right? And we wouldn’t want to slow down court cases by asking a sitting judge to approve a warrant, right? So why not require (and fund) a judge in each Federal jurisdiction to do nothing all day long but review and approve or reject warrants? We could even fund three or four so we’d have 24/7 coverage.

The government can now spy on every text message, every email, every phone call, and every website you visit — all without needed a warrant. Who cares what the Fourth Amendment says, anyway?

Don’t like it? They can kidnap you without arresting you and without charging you with a crime. Then take you away forever.

No due process. No just cause. No rights.

When did we lose America?

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