More fun with Google

UPDATE: Google has approved both “questionable” ads! Wahoo! Now all three ads are running across Google’s ad network. Let us know if you come across our ads in your travels!

Google doesn’t like “Guns” or “Weapons”, or, rather, Google doesn’t allow people to advertise “Guns” or “Weapons” on their ad network. That’s fine, and it’s one of the reasons we offer advertisements and sponsorships on our site.

One thing we don’t like is that Google blanket reject ads with the word “gun” or “weapon” in them. We’ve submitted two ads for their approval that have been denied, of course we’ve appealed them and they’re “Under Review”, but only time will tell if these ads (which more accurately describe our site) will be approved or not.

We’ll let you know if the two outstanding ads are approved or denied.


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