Man with AK-47 defends himself from home invaders

person curatorfolder_openGood guys with gunslocal_offer, access_time January 15, 2014

Three armed intruders entered a man’s apartment, pistol whipped him, then started to beat him. At some point the victim was able to get his AK-47 so he could effectively fight back.

“The resident of the apartment had possession of an AK-47 and after he received this beating he was able to get possession or control of that, and started shooting at these suspects as they were fleeing.”

One of the invaders died from his wounds, and the other two ran away.The police are searching for the other two assailants.

Those on the other side of the gun debate would argue that the AK-47 isn’t something that can be used for self- or home-defense. Here are one homeowner and three criminals who probably think otherwise.


Source: NBC6 via Eagle Rising

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