Mainstream media gets it wrong again, Shooter was an armed homeowner defending himself from a burglar

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Helena, Montana

The mainstream media is calling it a “fatal shooting”, and the news stories are calling the victim the “shooter”. Such is usually the case when it comes to Good Guys with Guns™ using their sidearm in self-defense. Let’s set the record straight.

66 year-old James Stiffler says he entered his home and found an intruder there. Apparently fearing for his life, Stiffler shot the intruder in the chest. The intruder, 37 year-old Henry Thomas Johnson III, fled by climbing through a window, and attempting to drive off in his car. He died shortly thereafter.

Local police are calling the intruder an “apparent burglar” and say that all the evidence so far matches the account given by the homeowner, this according to Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton.

“Right now there’s nothing to indicate that the details provided by Mr. Stiffler are not accurate,” Dutton said.

Deputies continued investigating the scene and were looking into whether or not at least seven other burglaries in the area could have been perpetrated by the deceased burglar.

Source: Helena Independent Record
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