LA Gun Control Applies to Toy Guns, wait, what?!

person curatorfolder_openhumor, Prohibited Placesaccess_time June 15, 2011

California is the birthplace of scores of foolish gun control schemes which have done nothing to reduce crime, but have gun owners I that state stripped of their rights. The latest attempt to blame guns (of any type!) instead of criminals was just released.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is proposing that the city require BB-gun replicas of actual firearms to be brightly colored so that police officers don’t mistake them for real weapons.

Theoretically, the cops will then refrain from shooting kids who foolishly point toy guns at cops. However, it also is a trap for cops who will likely face a bad guy who painted their “real” gun a bright color to fool the cops.

With the huge arsenals I the hands of illegal immigrants, drug dealers and gang members in California, they really should be able to come up with a better crime fighting tool than this!

Full story at,0,7534310.story

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