The FBI is no longer a law-enforcement agency

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FBI Fact Sheet

After the horror of 9/11 the Federal Bureau of Investigation made some changes to better address the growing concerns of “terrorism”. Now, over a decade after 9/11, the FBI has changed their FAQ Sheet to “reflect (those changes)”.

According to FBI spokesman Paul Bresson:

“When our mission changed after 9/11, our fact sheet changed to reflect that. We rank our top 10 priorities and CT (counterterrorism) is first, counterintel is second, cyber is third. So it is certainly accurate to say our primary function is national security.”

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller also emphasized the FBI’s national security focus in numerous speeches and statements.

According to a 2010 Inspector’s General report, between 2001 and 2009, the number of agents dedicated to counterterrorism doubled. During that time period there was a steady decline in the number of criminal cases investigated by the bureau, and a significant decline in the number of “white-collar crime” investigations as well.

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett had this to say:

“Violent crime, property crime and white-collar crime: all those things had reductions in the number of people available to investigate them.”

A spokesman for the bureau declined to comment on the timing of the change.

Source: Foreign Policy’s The Cable 

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