Armed citizen stops robbery, family of the criminal complains

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Adric White

A man identified as Adric White reportedly held up The Original Oyster House. Police say he and an accomplice held the manager and employees at gunpoint until they ultimately stole the night deposit money. He was later arrested for that crime, and released on bond.

Mr. White apparently didn’t learn his lesson and held up a Family Dollar store just weeks later.

According to store employees and the video from the store’s surveillance system) the story from a Good Guy with a Gun is an accurate representation of what happened:

“(White) had the gun to (another man’s) head. He had him on his knees. I drew my gun on him and I said ‘Hey don’t move.’ At that point he swung around and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me I fired. I didn’t want to shoot him.”

White was arrested and taken to a local hospital where we was being treated for “multiple gunshot wounds”.

The good guy saved the day, and only the bad guy was injured. That’s where it should end, right? Nope. Now the criminal’s family is complaining. Here’s what his mother had to say to the local news:

“If (the Good Guy with a Gun’s) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him, what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone? You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

FOX10 had interviewed White’s parents but they later called and demanded the video not be aired.

Let’s see. Ma’am, your son used a firearm to hold an entire store hostage until he was able to steal their hard-earned money. He was caught and arrested. Then, just weeks later, he turned around and did exactly the same thing at a different store. Does that just about sum it up? Your son had a gun pointed at the head of another man, threatening to kill him. Then a Good Guy with a Gun stepped in, potentially saving the life of the man your son was threatening, and when your son swung the gun around toward the Good Guy with a Gun, your son got shot. He was shot until he was no longer a threat.

Ma’am, this Good Guy with a Gun is a hero. You should be embarrassed for having raised a thug, a thief, and a robber — someone who obviously does not care about the sanctity of life. Your son was not killed. He got lucky. He now has the chance to evaluate his life and his prior actions, and turn himself around. You have the opportunity to step up and be the mother that you apparently never were. Teach your son that this was his fault, that he needs to take responsibility for his actions, and he needs to apologize to all the people he terrorized. Further, he needs to thank the Good Guy with a Gun that shot him and has given him this opportunity. Chances are, he won’t get many more.

Source: Fox 10 TV via Eagle Rising,

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