Contact your State Rep. & to vote AGAINST HB 129 unless the amendments are removed

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The Legislature’s session ends Thursday at midnight. Seven good gun bills have already passed, details are on theUSSC website. They still are working on many bills, but Utah Shooting Sports Council needs your help to push them to work on an important pro-gun bill!

Contact your State Representative by email, phone or FAX and ask them to vote AGAINST HB 129 Firearms Modifications by Rep. Carl Wimmer unless the amendments made in Committee are removed.  This was an excellent “Constitutional Carry” bill eliminating the need for permission slips for law abiding citizens to carry legal self defense weapons.  However, a committee added a convoluted notification scheme that negatively impacts existing laws regarding legal possession of firearms.  If the amendments are removed, USSC strongly favors the bill.

Email, call or FAX this message to YOUR representative:


(your Utah State Representative)


Vote NO on HB 129 Firearms Modifications unless returned to original form


Dear Representative,

I must regretfully request that you vote AGAINST Rep. Wimmer’s HB 129 Firearms Modifications bill (sometimes called “Constitutional Carry”) unless the amendments made in Committee are removed.

If the amendments are removed, then I would strongly urge you to vote FOR this bill.

This bill would make Utah’s weapons laws similar to the current provisions in Vermont, Alaska and Arizona, and currently being advanced in a dozen others, and bring it inline with recent Supreme Court rulings.

[insert your name and address]

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