Walmart fires employees for self-defense

Several Walmart employees witnessed a customer shoplifting and escorted him to a holding room in the back of the store. During his detention the customer decided it was time for him to leave. When the Walmart employees denied his request he reportedly brandished a firearm, threating the employees. According to comments by the employees, there’s only one […]

Support Utah H.B. 75 (1st Substitute)

H.B. 75 (1st Substitute) will be coming to the Utah House floor for a vote very soon, probably Friday, 2/11/2011. This bill eliminates some of Utah’s more onerous definitions of “on or about school premises.” And it protects law-abiding gun-owners who might otherwise be inadvertently ensnared by Utah’s overly expansive “Gun Free School Zone” definition […]

Pizza Hut of Arizona

View Larger Map In another “they almost got it right” story, the Arizona Daily Star reports that the company which owns and operates the majority of Pizza Hut restaurants in Southern Arizona will no longer prohibit customers from legally carrying sidearms on their property. According to the article: Patrick McKinney, vice president of operations for […]