Senator Mike Lee (R, UT)

Senator Mike Lee Kills UN Small Arms Treaty

On Wednesday, 3 April 2013, Senator Mike Lee (R, UT) became the 34th co-sponsor of S. Con. Res 7, a resolution expressing opposition to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The treaty contains several troubling provisions that could prevent the United States from coming to the aid of its closest allies, as well as […]

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Utah Governor Herbert Vetoes Constitutional Carry

Utah’s Governor, Gary Herbert, just vetoed HB76S1 – Constitutional Carry. “The right to bear arms … is a fundamental right which must be jealously protected,” wrote the Governor in a letter to House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart and Senate President Wayne Niederhauser. “HB 76S1 does not, however, impose a restriction on the right to bear arms. Rather, it […]

Colorado Senator Greg Brophy

Colorado Senator: I will willfully and purposefully and civilly disobey this law.

“I will willfully and purposefully and civilly disobey this law. Vote no.” That’s what one Colorado Senator had to say about Colorado’s attempt to further infringe upon our Second Amendment  Rights by restricting and in many cases prohibiting various “standard capacity magazines” and firearms from possession  sale, and/or transfer inside the state. Listen as Senator Greg […]

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Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins, Rape Survivor, Testifies at HB 1226 Hearings (Video)

The Colorado Legislature recently heard testimony from Amanda Collins, a young woman who had a license to carry a firearm but was prohibited from carrying her self-defense sidearm on campus. Subsequently she was attacked and raped, made defenseless by the Colorado Legislature. Here’s what she had to say: “Respectfully, Senator, you weren’t there. … My […]

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Vote against Joaquin Jackson for NRA Board Member

URGENT: NRA Members Need to Vote Joaquin Jackson Off the Board! (UPDATED!)

Joaquin Jackson has a background in law enforcement and he’s a “staunch supporter” of the Second Amendment… or is he? Joaquin Jackson thinks that firearms should be limited to five (yes, 5) rounds– except for law enforcement of course, these infringements only apply to “civilians”. And what of “personal defense rifles” (often vilified erroneously as “assault rifles”)? […]