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Another backdoor firearms infringement via the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

They’re at it again, folks. This time it’s the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls which is trying to infringe upon your Rights. How? Your friendly neighborhood gunsmith (you know, the guy or gal that you take your pistol or rifle to to get it fixed, or to have an upgrade installed) is […]

Navy Vet: I've got domestic enemies now

Navy Veteran: I've got domestic enemies now

In a town hall meeting in Connecticut a Navy Veteran rose to speak against the unconstitutional firearms prohibitions that have been passed in his state. One of his legislators tried to justify requiring that certain firearm owners submit their fingerprints by asking if his constituent had to submit his fingerprints when he joined the Navy. […]

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Vice President Joe Biden

Biden: No Time to Prosecute People Who Lie on Background Checks

The Federal Government, led by President Obama and Vice President Biden are pushing for “universal background checks” and the closing of the “gun show loophole”. The latter isn’t a loophole at all, it simply says that private citizens don’t have to jump through federal hoops to sell private property to someone else. That sounds like “Liberty” […]

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