Brutal beating of young mother caught on camera illustrates why we should be our own first-responders (video)

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brutal attack caught on camera

Sent in by Doug, a Good Guys with Guns™ reader, is a story from New Jersey where a young mother was attacked and beaten inside her home. The attack was caught on surveillance video — the presence of the camera did not deter her assailant.

Alas, this isn’t a story about a Good Guy with a Gun coming to her rescue, or even that of a courageous young woman who was able to stop her attacker with her lawfully carried sidearm.

Instead, this is a story to illustrate that cameras don’t stop criminals, and we are our own first-line of defense against bad guys.

Viewer discretion is advised.

(if video does not play, please refer to the source)
Doug adds his own commentary to this story:

“This is the reason I carry, even at home.”

Refuse to be a victim, and be your own first responder. We don’t want anything like what happened here to happen to you or any of your loved ones.

Source: New Jersey News 12
Via: Doug

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