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Another backdoor firearms infringement via the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls

They’re at it again, folks. This time it’s the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls which is trying to infringe upon your Rights. How? Your friendly neighborhood gunsmith (you know, the guy or gal that you take your pistol or rifle to to get it fixed, or to have an upgrade installed) is […]

IHC, Bountiful, Utah

IHC, Bountiful, Utah

IHC in Bountiful is today’s winner. They have officially put bad people in notice that they are a soft target. As you can see in this photo, no weapons allowed. Thanks IHC for not caring for our rights or safety. Submitted by Cory Green

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Chattanooga shooting

Chattanooga and the Oath

Thursday, 16 July 2015, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez opened fire on a military recruiting center at a Chattanooga strip mall, then drove to a local Navy operations support center and launched another attack. He ended up killing four Marines and a sailor. While we mourn with the families and friends that have lost loved ones to […]

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