Arrested for having "too much" ammo?

Can anyone cite a city, state, or federal ordinance that limits the number of rounds of ammunition someone can own at any given time?

Neither could we, but that didn’t stop a 32 year old Haverhill, Massachusetts from being arrested after police found 10,000 rounds of ammo in his car and later confiscated an additional 20,000 rounds from his home.

Haverhill told police he intended to use the ammo (in .32, 9mm, and .22 calibers) for target practice. According to sources, police say that’s “unrealistic”.

Ironically, people around the country have been seen stockpiling ammunition which others have said (combined Obama’s ongoing war efforts) have led to a nation-wide shortage on ammunition.

This arrest brings up several points of concern, the two we’d like to underscore are:

  • In legal terms, how much ammunition is “too much” ammunition?
  • Why are police enforcing a law limiting the quantity of ammunition? A law that we haven’t found to exist.


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