Another Georgia City passes ordinance requiring every household to have a gun and ammunition (video)

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Nelson City, Georgia passes Gun Ownership Ordinance

In Georgia, the Nelson City Council voted unanimously to require every household to have a gun and ammunition. The ordinance is similar to a law that passed in Kennesaw in 1982.

The ordinance, titled “The Family Protection Ordinance” passed by a vote of 5-0 in the 1,300 person town located just 50 miles north of Atlanta. The law  includes a lot of exemptions. People people with a physical or mental disability, those convicted of having committed a felony, and people who “conscientiously oppose” gun ownership don’t have to abide by the law.

City Councilman Jackie Jarrett said most residents already own guns, and that the law is primarily meant as a statement in favor of gun rights and ownership.

Regardless, anyone coming to Nelson City intent on committing a crime has now been put on notice: the house you’re about to break into has an armed homeowner inside. We suspect criminals will pick “less risky” targets in another town.

Source: 11 Alive

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