After being raped, 57-year-old woman borrows shotgun, kills rapist when he comes back for more

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It’s bad enough to have your house broken into, but being raped after that break-in is… well, unthinkable. It happened to a 57-year old woman in Cape Girardeau near the end of October.

A registered sex offender broke into her home though a basement window, then raped her. Somehow she made it through. The rapist left. She called police, and later filed her report. Soon after she had her basement window repaired.

Five days later, Halloween night, the same guy returned, apparently wanting another “evening” with the woman. Around 2:15 am he broke in again, through the same basement window — then cut her power.

After her initial rape she asked a friend to borrow a gun — and was given a 12-gauge shotgun. As soon as her power went out she “got spooked”, loaded the shotgun, and sat in a chair and waiting. When the repeat-offender tried to break through the door separating her basement from her kitchen she went to investigate.

Just as she got to the door the man broke through. She fired — felling him in one shot.

She fled the house and ran to a neighbor’s to call for police — shotgun in-hand.

Police, already familiar with the area from when they responded days before, were on-scene within minutes. They found the bad guy stumbling through his intended victim’s back yard. He died from the gunshot wound — 7 hours later.

Ironically Cape Girardeau Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle was in the middle of writing up charges on the attacker report to police chief when he got word that the perpetrator had died. “Instead of filing the charges on (the bad guy) I began a letter to Chief Tennison,letting him know that the woman in this case, a 57-year old woman, is not going to be charged with any crime,” said Morley Swingle.

Cape County Coroner John Clifton says he agrees with Mr. Swingle and plans to rule the bad guys death a “justifiable homicide”.

Swingle summed up the woman’s actions quite well:

“She had taken steps to make sure it wouldn’t happen to her again by notifying the police department, by asking for the extra patrols, and by arming herself with a gun.”

Source: KFVS, Cape Girardeau, Missouri; October 31st, 2008.

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