2011 Utah Legislative Session Starts January 24 2011

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USSC is working with sponsors on several gun-related bills. Check the USSC website for the latest info on pending gun bills in the Legislature.

Two have been discussed in public so far:

  • Senator John Valentine’s SB 36 will require that people applying for a NON-RESIDENT Utah Concealed Weapons Permit will need to have a permit from their home state first, if they are a “shall issue state.”  People from states like Vermont, Alaska and Arizona which do not require permits, or from states which are NOT “shall issue” can apply without a home state permit.  USSC believes this will help stop a disturbing trend towards dropping recognition of Utah permits by some states.  Although other excuses are given, it appears their real concern is loss of revenue from their residents who have been getting Utah’s cheaper and more widely recognized permits instead of one from their home state.
  • Representative Carl Wimmer will be running a bill to allow “Constitutional Carry” in Utah, where law abiding citizens will NOT NEED a concealed weapon permit.  Permits will be optional, for people who want one so they can carry in states which recognize Utah permits, or for ID when making a gun purchase from a dealer.  This has not been assigned a number yet.

Future alerts will review the legislative process and list other gun related bills coming up.  When necessary we will ask all USSC members and supporters to contact lawmakers to help pass or defeat bills.  Be sure to speak up as part of the “Powerful Gun Lobby” in Utah!

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